TheNatives are a group of professionals that come together with different trades and careers. They have joined their experiences in the last few years to develop a clear working and effective method.

      Together we have a vast amount of knowledge and abilities that make us one of the most innovative and complete teams in Spain. TheNatives would like to share their experience in the film industry as producers, action performers, choreographers, martial artists and physical conditioning coaches for actors; all of which have been widely applied and adapted by us to meet the demands of this ever changing industry.

      As a team we have the knowledge, the languages (English, French and Spanish) and the human factor that give us a special charisma when dealing with actors and the rest of a production crew. We also have the ability to mobilise large numbers of individuals, which gives us great links not just in Spain but on a European level.

      TheNatives origins started with the aim to teach actors the requirements of action and fight sequences. This enables actors to to source the potential in a script and then develop a character that can produce the best performance for the demand of a director or action coordinator.




     Our work seeks quality, aesthetics and overall safety, so scenes, no matter how risky or hard, are made possible; therefore the story can reach the audience.


The services that we offer are:


Performers and doubles.

General advice and recces.

Mats and equipment for falls, fire, rigging,…

Action vehicles.

Choreography and originality in fights.

Script breakdowns and budgeting.



         TheNatives offers a creative and innovative vision as well as a broad experience in the film industry at all levels: technical, acting and direction.

The services that we offer are:

Direction of productions like commercials, short and long films or music videos.

Direction of second units for films.

Direction of photography.

Direction and training for actors.

Workshops and courses.





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Telephones: SPAIN + 34 961127604 / + 34 629718377

                     UK      + 44 7754763456

Email: thenativesteam@gmail.com